Diversity & Inclusion are among the policy framework of appflame policy. We provide equal employment opportunities regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital status, citizenship, national origin, health status, or other characteristics.

Work with flame but do not burn

There's no need to waste your life at a job that isn't interesting. We believe that when you do what you love, you don't have to work a day in your life. Creating products drives us, nourishes us, and gives us joy. We are not going to ignore these pleasant moments Because they are a part of our lives.

Sink or swim that's up to you

You are responsible for all your victories and fuckups. Measuring efficiency in hours - that's bullshit. We only trust results. We appreciate your previous achievements, hobbies, and acquaintances, but we are more interested in your present than your past. If you want to climb higher - go for it. If you want to do more - do it. If you want more money,- take on more responsibilities. We will be by your side, but what your tomorrow will bring depends solely on you.


Tenacious spirit

We are determined. We are bold. We have an insatiable greed for victories. We get bored when things are just fine. We strive for the best. Our range is the whole world. Our competitors are the best companies in their niches. We are elated by the challenges and look for those who aren't happy when everything is just fine. Those who always seek more in life. From you - audacity and ambition, from us - support, daily challenges, and the ability to influence the product. It will not be easy, but it will definitely not be boring.

We are creativity

We are team players. We believe that awesome ideas are the work of several people, not one person. We have gathered the most daring and ambitious folks. Those who can generate bold ideas and work together as a real spirited team. These people can change the world. Not one by one, but together.


Wellbeing guardians

We are loyal to our people. And our commitment does not go away at the end of the workday. We are certain that tender loving care does not boil down to free coffee and cookies in the office kitchen. It is all about tending to the individual needs and wants of everyone. We do not leave our people one on one with their problems: neither professional nor personal. At appflame, we always listen and help because we want to ignite, not burn.

Genuinely inclusive

We see you as a person, not your gender, age, race, sexuality, or physical ability. We are against all forms of discrimination, bullying, and stereotypes. We love freedom, openness, and empathy.

Bold ideas, valuable products

We create products that can dramatically change users' lives around the world. It was easy - we will show that it can be easier. It was interesting - we will show you that it can be even more interesting. It was fun - we will show that you can have even more fun. We strive for the best and want to offer the best to everyone. That's why we create products with meaning and care for people.