Available Services

Advertising and Marketing Services

We're masters of advertising on Google Ads, Search Ads, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok and other platforms. Our team works with top-chart products and services. Our team will help you with everything: from strategy development to successful execution and measuring results.

  • Advertising agency services.

  • Online advertising on a computer network.

  • Marketing services.

  • Marketing in the framework of software publishing.

  • Publicity agency services.

  • Setting up a tracking system for marketing activities.

Business Consulting

We provide comprehensive services to help your business grow and scale by leveraging a team of over 100 people with excellent expertise.

  • Business management consultancy services.

  • Business organization and management consulting.

Recruitment Support

We have great expertise in building successful teams in IT. Our team will help with hiring, onboarding, and setting up all the processes for your recruitment and Human Resources teams.

  • Employment agency services.

  • Personnel management consultancy.

  • Personnel recruitment services and employment agencies.

Website Development

We will help you develop a beautiful intuitive website for your customers. Besides, our SEO team will help you optimise and make sure that it appears in top search results.

  • Creating and maintaining websites for others.

  • Providing business information via a website.

  • Website traffic optimization.

Development services

We know how to build great products! Let us help build yours. A team of over 50 skilled engineers will help you build any solution you need for your businness.

  • Computer programming.

  • Computer software design.

  • Computer systems analysis.

  • Development of computer platforms.

  • Maintenance of computer software.

IT Consulting

Having any questions on the technical end? Our team of software engineers and UI/UX designers will make sure to find the answers that will ensure your business growth.

  • Computer software consultancy.

  • Computer technology consultancy.

  • Information technology consulting services.

  • Software design consultancy. 

  • Website design consultancy.

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